About Whitmore

Affordable. Versatile. Timeless.  The 3 main attributes we strive for at Whitmore Watches.  Preparing for an interview or a meeting with the CEO of your company about a new promotion?   Taking a road trip with your family or friends to enjoy the fresh outdoor air? Maybe even putting the finishing touches on your wedding day and getting your vows ready?  Events like these, important and casual, are why we make timepieces without breaking the bank.  Our watches are a sure shot way to build your confidence to take on the day.  You should always be able to look and feel your best with designs that will last for years to come.  Each watch has a backstory you can relate to and appreciate. Those stories are based on amazing people who had a voice, worked hard and made a difference. We design and manufacture our watches right here in the USA.

Affordable. Versatile. Timeless.